amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

otay, so...


dehydration? check.
disorientation? check.
random bought of "holy fuck, Ow!" (in my jaw)? check.
throwing up? check.
bloodshot eyes? check.
wanting to sleep for a hundred years? check.

am better now today. Thank you all for each of your well wishes. I'm in 645 at Sacred Heart (a room, it seems, especially designed for me, as I'm in it all the time) if y'all wanna visit. I sleep a lot and unless you are really funny or are a good stripper, I might fall asleep on you.

Doc came in this morning, and I told him I had to be out by thursday because I have a super early flight out of portland on friday. He told me he'd do what he can.

AND AND AND! This has nothing to do with my cancer. Completely unrelated. In the words of Dr. Caton and his mini dauschaund named Moo, "you just can't do anything easy, can you?"
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