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I love you all, I love you all!

So, I am not as ambitious as Erin, and I can't sit and think and write about everyone in long beautiful paragraphs like her, but I still revel in her beauty. and the fact that I am the craziest person she knows and I am in the form of "pure, homespun insanity." I love you erin.

What I don't love? Coos Bay's weather. I don't mind this town. I am playing nanny for a few kids for a while here, but the weather sucks. And I have to get up at 5:35 every day. Well, that's when the alarm goes off, I get out of bed about ten minutes later.

and anyone who is reading this is invited to my house tomorrow night, my parents are going away for the evening and want me to stay there with paul to make sure that my cat does not eat my dog. But, you have to leave either friday night or early saturday morning because they don't know that i am having friends over. So if you choose to drink, be gone relatively early. and no, paulo will not buy you booze. :-)

So, all in all, things are going well. I had issues that I worked out with those who were affected with it and now everything is better. I got back into karate. God, I love that place. Everyone there is like a big family to me, well, at least all the old timers. All the black belts, (minus ass hole chogyu-nim tave haha, SCHMUCK!) are like a bunch of big brothers to me. And jason is just so funny to be around. I love that place (note to self: call christey!)

Anyway, I am, at the moment, at the site of the nanny duties, so I should get going. Be at my house, bitches!!! Love you all!!!
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