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F You, Jerry Bruckheimer!

Okay, so he (Jerry Bruckheimer) has awesome movies. But they are all the same! Let me start off that one of my fave movies is "Armageddon," and I thought it was the best movie ever. Till I watched "Pearl Harbor." and thought that hottie ben affleck was kissing the wrong damn woman (what's her name Arwen - ahem - Liv Tyler). And then I was amused when I saw the same aircraft hangar in PH as armageddon. It was like Titanic meets Armageddon. And I think that Hans Zimmer (Gladiator) recycled Gladiator music for PH.

And then, to top it off, we watched "The Rock" on a whim tonight, and it is yet again a Bruckheimer film. I swear, that man only has one vision. and it is way fucked up. Can you believe that he used not only the same co director or whatever, but the same composer? Okay, that part isn't bad. One can get away with it. BUT WHAT THE FUCK IS HIS DEAL WITH THAT AERONAUTICAL HANGAR!?!? He used it AGAIN!!

And he has a fucked up obsession with brunettes. That man needs help.

So I am just a complete nerd and I am avoiding what I really want to type. That's fine. It isn't anyone's business...gotta get through my shit by myself. dizzam, why am I so fucked up?

I get to see sarah soon! That is, if and only if, her f-ing sister will get off the phone with her boyfriend who is going to alaska. I love you kate, but you have seen your boyfriend more recently than I have seen your sister. So get off the phone, woman!
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