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11 of my favorite men...

Good riddance dorm life! I am soooo done with my classes and I have two finals and one paper left. And 13 hours of work left. boo hiss...haha. I so will not miss the dorms. I will, howsomever, miss a lot of the people and the moments that we created here. The couch in logan and naima's room all the way up to sarah and my bikini party two days ago in my room doing homework.

Being as yesterday was friday, I thought, "I need to slow down. I haven't been to OTR in a while, and they always put me in such a good mood." So Naima and I lay under a tree for a while and then we went to OTR and the we remember all the good things about them, too, like when Blove forgot the words to a song and just kept singing, "My ear, my ear, my ear, my ear." At that point I had wondered of he was going to keep singing about holes in his face or something. tee hee. Or the time Jeremy slipped on the frozen garden burger at the Mardi Gras party. And our...fascination? yeah, that's a good word...with a certain members' sister. haha. Good Times.

And then we went to the final concert at midnight on the School of Music Lawn. There were SOOOOO MANY people there, and yet we managed to get an awesome spot a few rows back. And then I had a PERFECT MOMENT. I was with 11 of my favorite men; in the arms of the one I love listening to the best a capella group for miles. The air was yummy like fresh cut grass and it was a perfect temperature (I usually am too hot or too cold) and the night was perfect with a bunch of torches lit all along the side, and OTR singing "Demons." (which was the song that Blove botched and sang about his ear) I wanted that moment to last forever. It was ruined shortly after not by the next song or the fact that jeremy had his friend and his girlfriend come up and the friend proposed at the end of the song, but by P. Hollens' jiggly butt in my way that totally blocked the proposal.

And now I am going to a Foo Fighters' show tonight in Salem. And it will be good.
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