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hate hate hate dreams lately.

Andy told me that he would give me his car when he bought a new one under one condition: that we spray paint it purple. I thought that was the raddest thing ever, as boyfriend knows how much I love purple and of course, giving a car to me for free would be pretty rad.

This however, doesn't make me nearly as fully excited as I should. By owning a car, that means that I would have to drive it. And that scares me shitless. I'm not worried about driving in town, although I should be, but rather on the highway, in portland, and being all independent. Which is fine, the whole independent part. But I'm scared shitless of getting into an accident. When I only have two platelets and I get into an accident, that pretty much means DEATH to me. So basically, my fear of dying a gushing blood death far exceeds my desire to drive to portland, no matter how much I love my boyfriend.

Also, speaking of my health, there's been a little addendum. Kind of. The best match so far for a transplant cant't be tested until August. So I may have the chance to take first summer session classes. Which means I'd be that much closer to graduation. I only have like 30 more credits...which if I take a couple summer classes, puts me at like...11 credits for two more terms after the stem cell transplant. Which is totally doable.

I'm cranky and brought stuff up to boyfriend that I shouldn't have. ick.
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