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It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood!

happy birthday John the_duke!! You kicked Fate's ass!!

Got to work outside yesterday. How many other office workers can say that? Krys was feeling gratious I guess, maybe on the account that I didn't fuck up at work on friday when she wasn't there, so I sat in the sun, got some color, and labeled envelopes. I like to think that my productivity was increased due to a good mood, but the fact remains that it was windy and towards the end I got less productive.

And now it's overcast, kind of like an Oregon summer day when you're not quite sure if it's fog that will burn off in a couple of hours, or if it really will be that muggy today. Either way, it's not raining, and I can be thankful for that.

Reason number zillion and one why I hate OHSU: Since I'm in this new clinical study, I have to have a bunch of shit done. The last time I was there, they drew my blood for some lab work. They called me telling me they need to redo it. WTF???? HELLO!! I don't have a port, so every time I have to get my blood drawn is another poke. THEY FUCKED UP on the draw, or the laboratory part, and so now I have to suffer. I'm about two and two from pulling out of the study, I don't care how hard the doc pulled strings to get me in there. Those fuckers...seriously. If I hadn't been in the Lillis courtyard yesterday when I talked to that stupid woman, there would have been a lot of rage.

urgh. AND I'm missing assloads of class for this stupid study. This better be a miracle drug.
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