amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,


I just got an email from Sarah Klein, my friend who's in Divisi, the female a capella group on campus. Divisi and On The Rocks want to have a benefit concert for me. I in no way contacted them about it. She emailed me and this was the first I've heard about it. It will be friday, April 22nd. $#&*#$(*&$(*# OMG OMG OMG. WOW. Half of the proceeds will go to me and half to the Fanconi Anemia
fund, of which Dave Frohmeyer's (U of O prez) daughters are plagued with.
@$&($@(#*& Still amazed at the continual support that flows through everything!!

So everything seems relatively ridiculous after that bit of news. Except this:

RIP Jonathan Brandis

Today would have been his 30th birthday if he wouldn't have gone and killed himself. Stupidass.
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