amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

a few things...

* I've noticed that the busses in portland run early, rather than the busses in eugene that run late. Which is unnerving when you're used to Eugene-Time run busses.

* Also, the people on Portland busses are scary as all get out. Eugene bus riders are usually earth-concious hippies who park and ride, or young mothers who are so broke that they can't afford a car AND two kids AND she's under 23. In Portland, the bus riders are scary strung out low-income (or high income with most of their income going to drugs?!) and college kids. Because the earth-concious hippies drive their Subaru Outbacks and don't actually care about car-pooling/keeping their cars at long as they look cool and follow the trend, that's all that matters. We refer to them as hip hip hippies. Or hipster hippies. Or whatever.

* That crazy cheating-off-me girl is in my spring Anth class. AND we have professor-assigned assignments this term. I can't tell if she was a late add or has just been avoiding me, since I just noticed her today during the second week of classes.
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