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It's a happy day in Amelialand - I removed all the banners from my site!! AWP * AWP * AWP * AWP

Andy got me hooked on the new Anti-Flag album. I was never really into them but that was like four years ago and now I'm so effing into them. Am in love. On top of being generally fabulous, he's got some badass musical tastes. He's always turning me onto new radtacular music. Now that's love. So go buy For Blood and Empire and you'll even get a cool stencil along with it.

Went out for a burger n brew last night and not only did I see Pam (andy's mom) there being totally stoked about a book depicting animal sex, but I met a guy who rivals Johnny for biggest assholishness/racist...ness. AND we saw Ean Vickery.

That is all as this is my second update for the day (well...first real one, eh?) and it's still only 12:30.
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