amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

A little health story for you.

A couple days ago, suz came home with cookies. They are delicious.

Yesterday I had a cookie. I've had low platelets, I could feel it and my gums were kind of bleedy bleedy. At about 5, I ate one of suz's mom's bestest cookies ever.

And then my gum started bleeding. Not bleeding, not oozing, gushing for a little bit.

I thought nothing of it and we went to dinner and I met this biggest asshole since Johnny. Impressive if not amazing. We had burger n brew. it was still bleeding at 730.

Loafed around the house. Called doc on call at 8:55. He told me to stop eating rocks and glass. I couldn't believe that he said that. He told me he would call into the hospital orders for me to get platelets.

But, being Tuesday and all, House was on. And I, being the stubborn person I am, I didn't really want to miss it, nor go to the hospital.

So we watched House. v. good ep.

By the time it was over my gums were still bleeding. Tearfully, I had Matt drive me to the hospital at 11 pm.

I needed my platelets.

The end.
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