amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,


I'm working on a site for my photography.

...But first I have to actually take good photos. Make good art. I think I've approached that level where what I take is now almost disappointing me. Mostly because, although I have a top-end digi and a pretty good SLR...they're still not good enough for what I want and that makes me sad. I know I still have a lot I can learn before I move up to better equipment, and let's be honest - that little digital cam (could) cost a pretty penny.

So I've been in this weird space the last couple days as I get everything ready for a website, probably not doing it as efficiently as possible...but whatever. I've worked hard on it the last two days.

But mostly I just look at my stuff and think it's utter crap.

Also, hosting at photobucket might be a bad idea because not only do they suck, but apparently, according to the_duke, now the are legally allowed to use whatever you have in your photobucket for themselves. I've put little stamps on all the pix I care about...mostly for the site, but still.

It's still a long way from completion, and of course will always be a work in progress as long as I'm taking new pix and am near a computer.

God I could never be an artist for a living. I'd spontaneously combust from frustration/annoyance/lack of patience. haha.
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