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Things I have learned so far in college

*how to pour beer
*how to kill daisies
*how to skydive
*when people hate you, they grind potato chips into the carpet and steal your Elijah Wood posters
*how to snort cocaine (not first hand, mind you)
*the importance of electronics
*why you should register your bike
*how to get around eugene
*the pros and cons of birth control
*given and gotten lots of advice in the bed dept.
*How to sleep effectively in class
*How to deal with alcohol poisoning
*the advantages of sound proof walls
*I discovered the hair straightener
*the value of a dollar (usually, only one dollar at a time, cuz I live in the dorms. But sometimes I will get paid and be rich for a week)
*how to effectively manage and pace myself (with 95 points a week)
*how to twirl a flag
*how to loose an ID card a month

things I have NOT learned this year:

enough anthro
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