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Things that suck

as of today...

bee stings that you are allergic to
sucky grades
not knowing where i will live next year
my Arch gtf
living far away from those that I love
getting put down by the same person every time i see her
class on a beautiful day
the end of the year general suckiness
everyone hating eachother
money (or lack there of. Go figure, poor starving college student)
not being taken seriously...
finding out kids from my home town died
not finding a summer job
my ear bleeding when putting in new jewelery

things that don't suck as much...
talking things out with CK
only a few more weeks
getting paid for work

things that don't suck at all...
a loving bf
all my limbs
good friends
the fact that I am not dead yet, as compared to those kids
my friend finally tying the knot
new snug barbell
the internet
my mom
working out and getting really sweaty - in a good way!
not being here for three months
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