amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Super quickie

I kicked my biopsy's ass yesterday. Usually I get super drugged up because hey, doc's literally drilling a corkscrew into your back and breaking off a chunk of your bone. I said NO to drugs (ha!) and near the end, as she was dislodging a piece of bone for the test, I was all, "Is that all you got? Bring it on!"


doc: "um, we're done."


also shortest transfusion ever. Body feels better than it has in the past. I hope it will show in biopsy results. Will find out most likely today or monday. Anticipation is KILLING ME!

Off to acupuncture, then a matting adventure for the pix. Am completely obsessed with getting those all ready to go and fabulous and being a real artiste *rolls eyes* Boyfriend coming today, cannot wait. Will have fabulous adventures. Possibly.

oh yeah. Just do me a favor and check out one_happiness. Unless you're a negative, narcissistic asshole, you won't be disappointed.
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