amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Missing You (confessions pt. 2)

It's been two days since my baby boy, taylor, was diagnosed with ringworm. That night, I washed everything, all my bedding, most of my clothes, I vaccuumed and cleaned and disinfected almost everything.

Including Pooka the bear that I sleep with when I don't have big strong beautiful man arms around me.

While washing him, his arm got caught in the rinse cycle. Strange smells and a nasty noise began emmitting from the washer. I opened it up, and what looked like grease covered his left arm and he was bleeding plastic beads everywhere.

He's since been put in isolation upon the dryer while I decide what to do with him. Retire the bestest bear that ever beared? Patch him up with duct tape and release him to the bed? It's been lonely and not even Taylor will sleep at my head right now since he's mad at me with the daily topical ointment. I'm missing my furry friends when I sleep.

yes I'm 22 and I sleep with a bear.

Yesterday I got on the scale at the dr's office and it said I lost five pounds. !!! She asked what I had been doing, and I told her just walking the treadmill. I'll just "forget" to mention the stairstepper, as I know that I would undoubtedly get that overprotective stink-eye from her.

Which I won't be able to get anymore from her.

In a couple of months she is moving to portland. "Hopefully by the time you're up there" is what she said. I mourned for like 2 seconds before asking for Dr. Buchanan as a replacement. That most likely means nothing to any of you...but I assume it's not the brightest idea to pick a replacement based on the fact that he's good at flirting? Meh.

Going to the land of port tomorrow to see my fabulous boy!

Have been phone spamming the two women in charge of the artwalk like crazy. will be a featured artist next month if it's the last thing I do.
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