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My mom sure does scare me... says:
Hey Hey Hey are you still here?
little trumpet girl says:
yes I am not going anywhere
little trumpet girl says:
bored out of my mind and too lazy to get up and put a movie on says:
why are you bored? Do you not hang out with peoples in you dorm any longer? What is happening with Roger??
little trumpet girl says:
roger and i don't hang out much anymore. Sarah and roger and I watched a movie in my room, but that was because I think she invited him without my consent
little trumpet girl says:
and no one else is up yet says:
excuse me ...up yet?
little trumpet girl says:
yeah. I got up @ 8:30 says:
why did you get up so early on a saturday?
little trumpet girl says:
cuz I started taking my new bc, it made me sooo nauseaus, so I took one of those anti nausea pills and it knocked me out all day yesterday, all I did was sleep and eat, and then I went to bed at about midnight, and woke up at 8:30 ish says:
what is your new b.c. called? WHy does the anti-nausea pills knock you out? I think I had food poisoning from Little Caesers on THurday
little trumpet girl says:
awww. I sowwy!
little trumpet girl says:
It is alesse, it is good so far, I am on the third day. I called the doc, she said I could take the anti-nausea stuff, but to beware of sleepiness, and I sure was sleepy. But alesse is good so far
little trumpet girl says:
lots of nausea, but she told me to take it at night and sleep through the nausea
little trumpet girl says:
why do I get that way? says:
I am not sure why you have such a hard time with birth control...apparently the hormone thang just wacks you out...I am not sure if you shouldn't be thinking about another form of B.C.
little trumpet girl says:
like what? I have done tons and tons of research and this is just the best one. cuz what would happen if I took the shot and couldn't reverse it and woke up sick every morning? At least with this one, I can stop if it gets too bad says:
well things like the I.U.D. of course that is pretty scary onto itself..what about the diaphram? Perhaps just trying a whole aray of pills untill you don't get sick on them. I imagine that you are REALLY FERTILE and if you didn't have birth control in some form I bet that you would immediatley concieve!
little trumpet girl says:
that's the last thing I want to hear says:
conceive (actually Dale just spelled the word wrong) Just kidding! He is sitting up front with me since we are both on floor.
little trumpet girl says:
mom, honestly, that is the last thing I want to hear, especially from a guy says:
Amelia...he can't even see what I am writing...I just said opps I spelled something wrong...he said just tell her I spelled it.hahahaha!
little trumpet girl says:
okay, okay
little trumpet girl says:
I get it
little trumpet girl says:
thanks for giving me your way too fertile genes says:
yeah..I must admit that I was really fertile for many years, however I haven't had a period in three months YAHOO!
little trumpet girl says:
way to be going through...whatever that is...I sure am having a brain fart says:
that is okay darling it is okay to be not thinking clearly.
little trumpet girl says:
what is that supposed to mean?!?

okay, my mom telling me that I am gonna get pregnant is soooo the last thing I want to her. Damn her...
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