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Highs and lows for this week:
(That's if I can think at 9:20 on a saturday morning...)

High: Went skydiving last sunday
Low: losing the rip cord...

High: started a new bc
low: starting a new bc and being nauseaus as fuck

High: thought I did good on a midterm
low: finding out I didn't do very well on a midterm

High: seeing paulo on thursday and today
low: only seeing paulo twice a week

High: sleeping all day on Friday
Low: only eating and sleeping all day friday (and sleeping through OTR)(I took an anti nausea pill and it made me sleep allllllll day. It wasn't fun...)

High: Comp Lit is getting more fun
Low: It's still almost two hours long

High: Jeanne has a cute bf
another high: so do I
yet another high: so does naima
low: umm....there isn't one

High: my fish isn't dying
Low: there aren't any here are some more highs:

*changing the grading of my classes so I don't fail
*working out with sarah
*getting an email from an old friend
*hearing andrea is getting married
*haha. almost running out of toothpaste. Where is my mom to give it to me?
*eating with naima monday morning
*ashli getting the internet on her computer so she isn't on my computer anymore
*watching a movie with sarah, roger, and ashli last night
*sleeping a lot last night despite sleeping all day
*yay for painting nails!
*my permit not actually being expired...haha...
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