amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Ode to AC

"Every day is a good day, only some are better than other"

A very special person tells me that all the time. I love you!

Another very special person is getting married soon. I don't know exactly how to feel about this. I love her a lot and I miss her and I have been thinking about her a lot lately. I just don't know how to feel. I know there have been complications with her deal the whole way through, but still...she is the first one of my intimate friends to get married. And this makes me feel really old. It isn't bad, I just can't imagine being her. Or maybe I totally can and that is the thing that scares me. I feel pretty naive thinking about it, but N said the funniest thing about it today. "I just need to find someone that won't drive me crazy for the rest of my life." That was pretty cute. I just can't imagine...she was so smart and wonderful and I love her so much, we have known eachother for so long...(side note: she better fucking invite me to her wedding. I will be pissed if I am not invited)...12 long years. It's been awesome at times, and at times not.

Here's to skinny dipping and over nighters and daniel rott and the entire divine comedy and coffee breaks and crazy holloween costumes and tim and jelly beans and fred the fish and hating kotsovos. I love you A!
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