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Things amelia hates
(aka: amelia being really anti-productive)

not being taken seriously
taking things too seriously

not knowing what I want out of life
knowing what I want without the means to achieve it

closed minded people
when I am so open minded that my brain falls out

having to pee too much
when I don't drink enough water

being judged
when I find myself judging others

wanting what I can never have
underappreciating what I do have

when I realize that I think I hate someone

never feeling good enough
when I realize that I think I am better than someone else

being too busy for those I love
those that I love being too busy for me

too much rain
too much sun


and other generalities. But this was a good format, it shows how fucking indecisive I am and can never decide. I fucking hate it. I wish I just knew everything. Or maybe that I was a hermit and never have any feelings about anyone new. boo hiss. And I want paul here. Naima knows what I am going through...
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