amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

am back at home. yay!

+ am back at home. Yay!
Sarah told Taylor she missed him before she told us she missed us. haha. We love you sarah.
+ got my new camera! yay!
- said new camera kind of sucks. boo. Oh well, it's nothing a little photoshop can't fix, right?
- Eugene fucking smells. Really badly. I think my sore throats have been from the nasty stagnant air warning that has plagued Eugene for the last month, because every time I leave, my sore throat goes away. Hopefully, I won't be home long enough to get said sore throat.
+ going to Portland tomorrow to see my boy! I guess we're staying in a hotel tomorrow night before we head off to SEATTLE? Huh. Yay!
- Am slightly nervous about seeing Tony the Twin and meeting his new Boston girlfriend since I've...let's say changed, shall we? Since the last time he saw me and undoubtedly his girlfriend will be perfect and here's little neurotic amelia, shorter, stouter, and all over less agreeable than a beautiful Boston University grad student.
+ Suz and I saw "Flightplan" last night and I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
++++ I had labs yesterday and my platelets were at 18. Mind you, it's still at "panic level" but two weeks ago, right before I had to get a bag of platelets, they were at *4*. Chemo's working, eh?
No transfusions this week!
++++OMG Seattle! Pike's Market! The EMP! SEATTLE! New Years!

Jesse, I got your reply, I really did, but we'll only be there for a few days, getting in late friday and leaving sunday afternoon. Where will you be?
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