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Merry Christmakwanzaakah

The last few days we've been meeting up with old friends like crazy. For the most part, it's been good, but we've seen a lot of boys (just babies, really) who are either going into the military or coming home for the holidays. And it just saddens me. I dunno, it shouldn't, and I know that military isn't a death sentence, but but but...grr...I really hope that Noah and Adam are held safe and far from the front line. *shudders* especially Noah, going into the Marines and all.

The "holidays" are weird this year, mostly because it's 55 degreesish here in Coos Bay and it's the first "holiday" season that I've ever felt weird actually participating in Christmas. Like separated from it. Not because of the consumerism, because this holiday has always been a gathering of our family (and spending money on eachother, I'll admit), an emphasis on getting together and enjoying the company of others, not because some Jew was born in a barn 2000ish years ago. But I just feel like it isn't "my" holiday anymore. I'm sad I won't be celebrating Chanukah this year.

We watched "The Family Stone" last night and in like...12ish shots you could totally see the boom mic and it was really poorly edited.

I never really "got" why people missed dead loved ones around the holidays until this year.
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