amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Happy rainy Solstice!

It feels like I haven't really had any time to myself lately, I was up in Portland seeing the boy, and then I came home for one whole day before we take off for home today. I like it a lot though, I get restless and annoying when I don't have anything to do, even if I'm on the couch being sickly. Going home today, coming back on tuesday, going up to portland on thursday ♥ and then going to Seattle with the boy for New Years!! Be jealous.

Spent like 5 hours yesterday making a present for my dad, the one that I hardly ever see and he lives in LA (you know you're an LJ addict when you write "he lives in LJ" instead of "LA"). But I realized, despite my digi camera's long and prosperous life (it died the other day), I never sent him pix. So I made a little scrap book for him yesterday and I think he'll really like it. Babbling.

He sent me a gift certificate to and I ordered a new digital, from a company I've never heard of till yesterday (Oregon something or other?) and it's supposed to come today. So we're waiting notsopatiently for it before we take off.

Today my body was like "Merry Christmakah, Amelia, have a UTI kthxbai"

PS: Suz is the bestest Suz ever because she cut my hair and it was free and it looks rad! It's too bad my digital camera DIED or else I'd take a pic. boo hiss to camera death.
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