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The Humidifier

So I've been getting random sore throats at night not related to my general shitty immune system or anything else. It's the cold air they say. So I was advised to get a humidifier. It sits looming, humming quietly at me from across the room, daring me to wake up with another sore throat. "Bring it on," it says, sitting there all blue and white.

But I did. Not a big deal, I'm not sick, but maybe it's not reaching me from across my bedroom? Maybe the humidified air is hanging out in the bathroom? I was tempted to put food coloring in the water and do an experiment all Mythbusters style, but then I realized that I would have a purple haze in my room and everything (that isn't already purple) would become purple (or the color of my choosing, but naturally, I thought of some blue and red food coloring). And as much as I adore the color, my cat does not need to become purple (past the purple collar that Sarah picked out for him).

So pretty much, the humidifier and I are left to duke it out and see who comes out victorious.

I'm going up to Portland tonight, and I want to see all you Portland people! (Katie and Shirley are at the top of my list - mostly because I know for a fact that they're in Portland already) Katie, I'm calling you later today to see if you're available, and Shirley, I don't have your phone number :(

In a random fit of Mattness, he gifted everyone he knows with a hat (this would be Sarah's friend). He bought me a Harry Potter witch's hat which I pretty much wore the rest of last night as we made our tasty homemade soup and watched a movie. He bought Sarah a ninja mask. ♥ He bought Dustin, his asshole roommate (and Sarah's sister Kate's boyfriend) a nazi hat. Which isn't really far from the truth. He's one of those people that is fun to fuck around with and make uncomfortable. It's becoming a fun pasttime for me, as I got it from Sarah and Matt. haha.

Oh yeah. So last night's House ep was pretty much me. Except I'm not Cynthia Nixon.
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