amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

I went out to lunch with my mom to the Glenwood, and our waiter looked like Chris Noth. He said he'd never seen a picture of his celebrity look-alike, so I told him to Google it.

And then he asked me what Google was.

WTF?! It's surely a sign of the times.

January: Well, 2005 it's about damn time that you got here.

February: holy fuck I have a job!

March: No stupid cell phone fights.

April: OMG. I have no idea where to start...

May: so. damn. full.

June: Addicted to Voyager.

July: It occurred to me the other day...

August: I'm Jewish.

September: I'd upload photos of our barren-and-boxed apartment if photobucket wasn't being such a little bitch

October:For those of you who didn't go to CSz last night or weren't part of it- it was fucking awesome

November: I just quit Exec

December: Go to John Henry's because well drinks are $1 until midnight.
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