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Save the Monkeys

NWPCS presentation this morning.

I'm nervous and jerky. Nick rewrote EVERYTHING I had written for the presentation at NEHS today. So I printed everything out on note cards but I can't really forsee myself actually holding these notecards in my hands, reading from them for the presentation. This is where my expertise fails me - primatology is SO not my thing, and, after the ASUO stuff, my knowledge ends. I'm a dead stick to them, and the only thing I have going for myself past the sanctions and logistics is the fact that I'm an undergrad interested in it. I know nothing, but I'll learn. Since primatology so isn't my area, I feel even stupider than I usually feel around them all. I wish I had a rock to hide under.

I think I did Anthropology because everything else bored the crap out of me. Because other subjects *coughhistorycough* are so much easier (and I get better grades) but I can only handle one class like that per year.

The Mother Unit is coming up today - I pretty much cried to her on the phone yesterday and she said the earliest she could come up would be today. I'll be the first to admit that sometimes, nothing is better than spending time with your mom.
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