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I am pissed. Okay, that is an understatement. Outlandishly annoyed. That's right. Annoyed as all fuck. I hate hate HATE being sick. Okay, just as long as we got that out of the way...

Had an awesome weekend with Paul in Coos bay. I tried yesterday to post, but fucking livejournal has this thing about needing a password and not liking the go-back button. Anyway, as I was saying...Coos bay was indeed fun and wonderful and everything like that! I helped test three black belts. I was sooo happy for them, they all passed. But one of them, Leann, was all, "I wanted to punch you in the fucking face but I couldn't find it!" (Cuz I was encouraging her a lot when it was my turn). I told her congratulations right after that. Jason thinks all of us should go skydiving this summer. I say hells yes. I am gonna go as much as I can this summer...

I loved it, all the black belts there are awesome. They are all one big family of big brothers to me! We were all sitting there gearing up, and I was sitting in the middle of them all, and I was like "yay! I get to sit in the middle of a bunch of goodlookin' guys!" and Johnny, a 20-something hippy with a wife who is too cute was all, "you must get all the guys up there in Eugene. Find anyone up there yet?" And I responded, "Well, actually, way for me to come all the way back to coos bay and find someone decent. He's sitting back there in the back watching us," and then Mr. Lohf, the HUGE police-man black belt was all, "Coos Bay? Want me to run a back ground check on him?" We all had a good laugh, just because until Kevin, I was the youngest adult black belt, and I am still one of the highest ranking ones and they are all there for me no matter what. I love it love it love it! WAY more than I love my cold...

Naima and I have started working out together. I have been going a lot recently, but she is definately my motivation. YAY for motivation! And with a recent addition of...something else...I totally need a regular workout schedule. So, yuppers. there you go...

I had a dream about Andrea last night. I miss her! I never get to talk to her any more and I guess I just took for granted all the little time that we spent together, just kicken it and talking about boys and coos bay and school and band and our friends all over and...wah...I am getting even more bummed that she isn't around! I am happy for her and everything, but I still want her around. Way for me to be really selfish. I hardly ever see Jen any more, but she has other friends that I think she would rather hang out with. Boo hiss. This is making me sad. I want all my old friends back. NOW!!! (Especially you, suz, hanging out is always fun with you cuz we could do nothing and just have fun... :-(
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