amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Hi, I'm amelia, the world's biggest loser.

I missed my greyhound bus back to Eugene. I have a dr's appt that now I for sure will miss. I was stupid and KNEW that it left at 7:15, although in my stupid groggy stupidity this morning, I thought the ticket said 7:55. Andy left me at the bus station at 7:40 and I called him in tears five minutes later telling him I missed my bus. Stupid me. So I got a bus ticket for the 11:40 trip and stood out in front of the station crying until a man walked up to me with a guitar and asked me if I wanted to hear a song. I nodded, and he pulled out his guitar and played "Tequila Sunrise" for me. I thought he was just being nice, but then he asked me if I had any change and all I had was a $5. Meh, it was a good song and cheered me up. So now I suck and I will be leaving waaaay incredibly later than I should and I just want to be home in my own bed and I feel like that will never happen. I suck when it comes to life.

But! We (and by "we" I mean Andy and I) went to OMSI yesterday (and for you unfortunate souls who don't live in Oregon, it's the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry and it's really fucking cool) and we watched this IMAX film on Lewis and Clark and it was so rad. And then we bought this little kit from the OMSI science store where there's this little dinosaur skeleton (we got the T Rex) cast in soft plaster, so you're basically this paleontologist digging up your own dino and then putting it together. I fear I won't have the patience to actually do that in real life except, if all goes well, I will be doing just that. At least the plaster is pretty and pink.
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