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Listening to the Beatles (don't explode or anything, Naima), and doing ass loads of homework.

I suddenly want to my mommy very very badly.

I am sooooo stoked to go home for the weekend. Have I said that enough this weekend? Or how about that I am nervous? Or that I can't get enough of my Paulo (another Naima-ism) and that he is wonderful? Perhaps I should talk about something that people don't know...
:-) :-) :-)

I got the lab position in the Archaeology lab. It is one credit. Which is wonderful. I love it. But the dude was 20 minutes late today. That part sucked. And I don't want to do it five days a week if it is only for one credit for two hours a day. I am going in tomorrow...that means giving up that two hour break that I have between classes a lot of the hiss to that.

Headache and knee ache and cramps and bloating and I don't care if you don't want to read this...suck it up. Anyway, where was I? And nervousness and back ache and I want a huge long bath with bubbles and I am so self centered right now. At least I admit it. And I don't want to do homework at all. Is that too much to ask? Okay, so how about just not this week???

I ate assloads of mashed potatoes today with Naima (okay, so just a huge plateful), and DAMN they were good.
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