amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Explanation and not a resolution to the last post.

To do this correctly, I'm going to do that whole "write about people when you know they'll be reading it but act like you don't care" thing.

And first off, let me say that I love my friends. I really do. I would be lost without them, lost without the people that keep me going through the day. Regardless of how hermitish I appear, I thrive on my friends.

LJ friends are very similar. I love coming home to my inbox and reading the replies that I recieve. Most of them are ultimately good, and almost all of them I appreciate.

And most of the people on my flist, I know. Like, 80% of my flist. I usually don't cut people whom I know or have met personally. Sometimes I'll add people in a comm that I'm in and then I like to learn about their life. It's human nature, right?

But then differences happen. Something shifts. People grow apart. It's all normal and very human-y. And while it's not fair to all parties involved, it still happens.

Life happens. People drift and go their separate ways. Sometimes I read my flist and I don't even know who some of my "friends" are anymore. It's not meant in the dramatic way, it's meant in the drifting apart way. Sometimes friends get cut as a result of a fight, or something else stupid. Yeah, that one hurt. But LJ drama is really far too petty to cross over into real life, as hypocritical as that may sound.

Maybe I've become a tight-knit, annoyingly friends-only wench. But it just so happens that I don't really find myself interested in people who I never talk to anymore. Time and people have passed so much that attentions tend to wander. Sometimes both sides just don't care. And that's fine.

I hate having this unlocked but realistically that's the only way the people that need to see it will see it.
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