amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Starting the partying early

Seeing as how I will most likely not be able to participate in ACTUAL Halloween activities, we got started early.

Image hosted by
there were two Houses in

Image hosted by
the ladies of # 18

Image hosted by
Dave the Homerphile Gangster and Arlen

Image hosted by
Arlen and I - I'm so happy I got to finally meet him and hang out

Image hosted by
is there something off about this photo?

Image hosted by
Arlen's the new Dread Pirate Robert

Image hosted by
Joseph puts his best face forward

Image hosted by
Arlen, Sarah, me, Dave, Suz

PS: Arlen is just SO NICE! I'm so happy to have finally met him! Joseph, Heather and Aaron - thanks for humoring me and for a lovely evening!
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