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Yay for ducks, cabana boy, apologizing to people I have been a bitch to, more ducks, cute skirts, drunk friends, new cell phones, beautiful weather, a new camera, and lots and lots of lovin from everone!
I get to see my honey today and I am loving life right now! I fed the ducks today and I took two rolls full within the last few days of just me feeding ducks. Am I a freak or something?

Anyway, last night was a success, I strengthen and rebuilt friendships (or at least civility) with girls in my hall, and that in and of itself is a success. Yay for cabana boy.

I get to see my honey tonight! He is coming soon. I am a little apprehensive and way excited. I don't know, you know that John Mayer song "Comfortable"? I think that's what he wants right away. But relationships are like customs in airports, there are a lot of small things that you have to get through to get where you want to be. And if you don't go through customs, there will be problems. He is trying to slip past customs. Unintentionally, though, I think. Maybe he just took a wrong turn. He hasn't been to the airport in a while.

P.S. hey guys:

naima is the fucking hottest person ever and the beatles is the greatest band ever
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