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A real update now.

Stolen from unaspenser

1. I usually don't wear clothes for a long time. It's not that they go out of style, but my weight has bounced around so much in the last two years that they either get too big or too loose super fast. Therefor, Buffalo Exchange and I have that unique bond.

2. I've been going to shows since before I was born.

3. I grew up on the coast and I hate sand.

4. Because of my SSN, people often ask me if I'm "foreign."

5. I collect formal wear for no good reason.

6. If I had balls I wouldn't have gone to college.

7. I refuse to date geminis on principal.

8. I regret one of my tattoos.

9. I wish I were a full fledged Judaic Jew.

10. Since I can remember, my mom was always interested in ancient cultures. This stemmed my own fascination, which led to my choosing to be an anthropology major. It's all her fault.

11. I couldn't read music until half way through fifth grade.

12. There's only two colors of the rainbow that I haven't dyed my hair.

13. Back in the day, I was in a ska band (for a very short amount of time).

14. I wear built in tank tops more than I actually wear bras.

15. I have a pair of ruffly-butt underwear.

16. when I was in first grade I had a mullet.

17. I've gone to more funerals than weddings in the last year.

18. I wasn't intended to be an only child.

19. Last year my voter registration got mixed up and I was registered as a republican.

20. I've consciously and purposefully omitted a "kinda, sorta, almost" from my "number."

Let's play the "who bought six tickets to see Flogging Molly for next Wednesday?" game. I'll go first. I read on Myspace somewhere that they'll be touring with The Misfits and Reel Big Fish, and the tickets say "with special guests." I checked the RBF website and it doesn't say anything, but I'm super stoked nonetheless, I can't wait! Flogging Molly on Wednesday and Against Me! on Friday! SQUEE!!

Today definitely is a lot better than yesterday. I knew it was going to happen, but it really didn't stop the tears. :-/ I'm supposed to say something at her funeral on Oct. 22nd, which also happens to be Sarah's 22nd birthday. Some death, some eulogizing, some birthday, some drinking. Swell. My status quo sucks this year. Luckily I'm running out of dying friends (since they've all already died and everything) so I've got nowhere to go but up, right?'m done. Probably. Most likely.
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