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There's one in every family sire...two in mine, actually.

You know that one guy/girl in each class, the asshat who asks the stupid questions, says the stupid things, and basically wants to be the alpha ass of the group? Yeah, I already discovered mine in my Jewish Writers class.

The class itself is taught by a Jewish man, and the kid in question is obviously Orthodox (he's got the yamaka (yeah I spelled it wrong, I'm new to this whole jewish thing) and everything). Anyway, so he starts in on how he's offended by the title of the class, saying it's got Nazi connotations and that the professor should change the title of the class and then starts in on Judaism and religion and was just talking and dominating the whole class. I just wanted to be like "you're not the only jew in this class, asshat!" I also want to call it Yid Lit. Whatcha think?

I just know I'm going to love this term. Working approximately 6 hours in the archaeology lab, doing stuff that I have no idea what I'm doing, working for a little old(ish) man, the head of the archaeology department, Professor Ayers. He'd be really hot if he were like...20 years younger (come on, you didn't think Mr. Tinker would be a looker if you took 20 years off him?) I've worked for him before, three years ago and taken various classes from him. He's basically what I want to do with my life.
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