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The Case of the Mondays are all in your head


First day of classes. Yesterday was definitely the last day of summer and it was gorgeous. And here it is this morning, 60 degrees in my room. So. Fucking. Cold.

Went back and forth between staying and leaving APO. We did the exec retreat meeting yesterday and it went well and it turns out I CAN stay on APO exec (scheduling conflicts, mostly). So I'm stoked about that, feeling a little bit better about it. And for all the bitching that I probably have and will do about it, I love APO and I love them all not because they'll probably be the people I see the most, but because I choose to.

Have decided I have a love/hate relationship with Portland. Not due to the people residing there, but because with Portland comes the cure. But fuck, dude, it doesn't make it any easier. I look at pill hill on the cityscape and know that I'll be there shortly enough for all the wrong reasons. Fucking Portland.

OMFG. changed and now I can't find anything.
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