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Moral of the Story: Don't rent from Bell Real Estate

So I met this guy on the bus today who's name I didn't catch but he just moved here, expecting Bell Real Estate to keep their word and have his apartment that he paid nearly $1000 to move into ready by the middle of the month. It's past the middle of the month.

We bonded over our appreciation for Google and then he said he was a few dollars short of being able to stay in the hostel, and I know how it is to be strapped for cash. Since I had a little bit of money, I gave him $8. I still don't know his name and will probably never see him again, but I did my good deed for the day. He tried to repay me by letting me borrow his Oregon Trail but I didn't see myself realistically borrowing some guy's Oregon Trail card to buy groceries and then getting it back to him so I just gave him the money.

I know some of you on my flist have personally had issues with Bell Realty so I just thought you'd appreciate the subtle irony of someone else getting dicked over as well.

Ew. I'm watching the news and some guy apparently raped a 72 year old woman living in a nursing home that he met on the internet. That's why you don't give old ladies AOL chatrooms.

Oh, AND! we saw a gaggle of ducks crossing the road today and I don't have any pix of it. :(
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