amelia (mmmbopthis) wrote,

Yarr, Mateys!

It be Talk Like A Pirate Day!

But why is the Rum Gone?

So, first off, I did a friend cut, I apologize, but we don't really talk anymore and if you want to be back on the list, all ya gotta do is reply to this post.

Second off, Dwight keeps showering me with rad pix from the show. This mug is priceless:

Image hosted by

And I've decided to step down as headmistress to CH. It's just annoying being constantly disappointed by faculty that doesn't do it's job and then applicants who annoy the crap out of you. The drama's been low the last few months, but that doesn't make it any easier to motivate them. :(

Anyway...yeah. That's about it. Hoping to go up to Portland this weekend. Oh, and through the concerted efforts of Andy and I, Sarah is going with a boy to see Dave Chapelle this week. Je suis tres jealouse.
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