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Searching for a Former Clarity

Wobblies show last night effing rocked. Like usual. Made a deal with AJ which resulted in me (eventually) getting their new CD. yay! Andy sang with them for a few songs. Some crazy guys tried to mosh with me and I was just like "you are huge and I am not so just eek! don't touch me!" (okay not really, but I wanted to - they were like Andy fangirls but...not...). All in all, the first night that Sarah and Suz and I had actually gone out and done something since we've been living here for a week and it was well worth it. So yay!

Have resolved to not do much of anything today, as yesterday was CRAZY busy (work was errands/gophertastic, I worked out, and then went to the show) so today the plan was to do nothing. Instead, Sarah and I went for a walk and then Dave came over and I got to see his new car! Congrats, Dave!

Two more weeks before school starts and I couldn't be happier. I just can't wait to get back into the groove, working, learning (!) and keeping my mind on things other than a friend, well...dying.

Totally off topic, I've discovered something lately.

So, as most of you know, I'm totally into the fact that I'm Jewish. I tell people that I'm a real Jew instead of a fake Jew now. But it's weird to me for people to not share my enthusiasm. Being the naive girl that I am, I usually expect people to be as stoked as I am, but when I tell older caucasians, they're just like *smile and nod* "oh...neat." And it's weird to me to be looked down upon or just not met with the same level of enthusiasm as I see it. I think it's fucking awesome, but when I tell hardcore Christians, they're just not...into it.

It's a really mild form of bigotry and I realized this whole thing when Suz and I went to go watch the Utes game with our new Chilean friends who are totally anti- Koreans and anti-Mexicans. I couldn't believe that people like this still exist and then I got to thinking about the reactions I get from people when I tell them I'm Jewish. I never realized the anti-Semetic sentiment was so real. And again, it's a totally mild form of an "ism" but (and I'm kind of distracted by the TV), it's just amazing to me to experience this firsthand. It's definitely a culture shock. *shrugs* /rant.
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