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Smile and Know

Am now the proud owner of Nadia, my new plant (succulent?) that Andy brought me back from California. She's gorgeous.

Also now have a desk, a cat (who wants to eat Sarah's fish and/or gerbil-y thingy), two kick ass roommmates, and some mochi in my freezer. And still no internet at home.

The mother unit came up yesterday to deliver the kitten and buy us some groceries and myself a desk. I wouldn't have been able to put the desk together to save my life, so I'm extremely lucky to have two super handywomen roommates (I keep forgetting that I, too, was a girlscout once upon a time, so that makes three of us). So this weekend was a parentpalooza.

And today just happens to be a beautiful day. Randomly, quite. Despite everything that's been going on lately (lately = the last two years), I feel some sort of peace overcoming me today (but you know me - wait ten minutes and it'll change, just like Oregon weather)...some things just happen to be going right in the world.

Luckily for the English Department, I didn't stay an english major for long. I just thought of that as I try to describe how things might actually be going right for a change...and I can't. So there. The mud needs me more than English.
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