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I love my life...

Yay for bouncy balls and fake eyes and questionably gay ex-un boyfriends and cameras and spuds and wonderful hot boys and crazy oregon weather and, on otp of it all, I joined a pro-choice group today. I am really happy.

It happened as a result of being pissed at this insert from the Oregon Daily Emerald from a few days ago. The insert has some good arguments, or so I thought at first glance. Upon actually reading the insert, it was a load of shit. It was 50% BS and 50% SHOCK VALUE. It had all the ways abortion happens, and then it had this article about how 92% of college students are looking for true love, but 80% of college students are sexually active, and therefor aren't in love. WHAT THE FUCK???? I mean, it doesn't mention those that are in committed, healthy relationships, whether it be married or not married. Does it matter? It insinuates that if you are having sex, it is casual and it doesn't mean anything, but if you aren't having sex, you are in love and the better 20% of the college student population. Fuckers. It was a poorly written article and I was disappointed in the makers of the insert...oh, well...

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