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And all the chillins are back at school. It's weird to me to watch the yellow cheese wagons school busses rush down the hill past my house (for those of you that don't know, my parents live at the bottom of the hill that the high school is on). And, as if on cue, for the first real day of school, the weather has turned from lovely to overcast and grey for the fall debut. Rock.

Back to Eugene today! We are moving into our new place today! of. In the fact that we have somewhere in Eugene to call our own and I will probably be sleeping on the floor in my sleeping bag tonight. But that's okay! I start chemo today also, so it'll be good to have a place to call my own. Sarah's picking me up in a half hour, going to get shot in the belly, and then heading over to the *uses best upper scale New York drawl* Heron Club, our new place. I traded work today for tomorrow. uck.

In the world of moms, mine is pretty fucking cool. And not just because she'll probably read this. Just in general.

I could kill my cingular people.
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