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No more moving! least for a while.

Three trips! That's it! That's how many trips it took in Andy's dad's truck to haul probably 90% of our stuff out of the apartment into my boss's garage, which is super convenient.

We stayed the night last night, are cleaning this morning, and then getting this show on the road. It looks like we're staying at the boss's house tomorrow night, then I think I'm going camping on saturday night. Then after that? Who knows. I've given the new apartment people money, but we still don't have a move-in date. Boo to that.

Saw Episode three last night. Other than the dialogue...holy crap! It was awesome! It would be so good at OMSI. And John Williams is pure genius. J'adore John Williams. very sleepy as I just woke up and finished this entry after starting it last night, so my thoughts are all scattered.
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