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Spring Break over view Pt. II

Wednesday – went to noon class. My mom picked me up and we went around and ran errands. I decided not to go to night class, so I called Paul and he came and picked me up. It was Mr. Allen’s birthday, so we were gonna go see him at Little Dick’s @ 9, or at least that was the plan. He picked me up and we went to the beach to go watch the sun set. He was so sweet. He grabbed my hand and we just talked and he is so wonderful! We went back to his place then and we watched “8 Mile”. It was good; I hadn’t seen it yet. At the end of the movie, he just looked at me with those wonderful wonderful huge blue eyes and gave me the sweetest kiss ever. Then we went to go see Mr. A. It was his birthday and no one was there yet! It was about quarter after nine when we got there, and we stayed there for about three hours. Paul and him used to be pretty tight so it was a good time had by all. I wasn’t sure how PDA-ish Paul was going to be seeing as how I had just kissed him for the first time not even 15 minutes earlier, but he was so sweet and held my hand walking in and we sat there and he was just so attentive and sweet. When Mr. A went to the restroom, he gave me a cute little kiss, I was surprised because it was in plain view of Mr. A…gah! My mom says I have been sighing all day. He is just so cute. I just hope that this isn’t just for the week. I hope he wants the same thing I want – emotional and not physical, to start out with at least.
Thursday – Again, spent the day with my mom, she is wonderful. We ran a few errands, she bought me lunch, and then she used me as slave labor for her petty realty work. Finally got to talk to Sean. We ended up yoinking some of my parents’ liquor and then we went to go watch “Chicago.” It was soooooo good. I felt kind of bad though, I thought that him and I would spend a lot more time together this week, and he kept calling me, but I was always out with Paul. The movie was good, his mom and sister are good, I am glad…
Friday – Spent the day being lazy around the house. Well, no, in actuality, I cleaned a lot and did a lot of laundry. I cleaned up the case to the camera that my mom gave me that was my grandpa’s. It made me even more excited to use it but I am still waiting on the whole flash thing, not sure where I am going to find one. Paul picked me up at three, my mom is so used me dating ass holes that she finally wanted to meet him. We went to the casino in Crecent City. They didn’t believe me that I was of age…fuckers! The security was so tight there that they kept glancing at me and then him and back to me. Anyway, we didn’t win any money, but being with him is wonderful. We are “official.” He asked me if he was just a spring fling, and luckily I am not, either. He is fine with the fact that I live in Eugene, he goes there often enough that it will be perfect: He won’t be around for me to get bored of or interfere with my studies, but he is just close enough that I can see him almost every weekend. Yay! I have a boyfriend! Coming back, he got pulled over by a cop because he didn’t watch what lane he turned into and she was a state trooper, obviously bored out of her fucking mind. Anyway, she took one look at his eye (it was all bloodshot because he has some problems with it, I hope it isn’t glaucoma!) and she then asked how old I was, as if he was trafficking with a minor. I was so confused!
Saturday – Woke up and got online, and Mr. Allen invited me (well, I more or less invited myself) to go to coffee at the grounds where Jessica works. We were there for about an hour and she sat with us for a long time and we just chatted and made plans to hang out together later that evening. Went home and dinked around, getting ready to go back on Sunday. Paul picked me up, we went to the beach, and then we went to Donna and Greg’s house, the couple who first introduced us. We all ate together and then Paul and I went back to his place after going to Little Dick’s with Allen and then Jessica getting kinda pissed that we were leaving when she pulled up. We would have stayed, but her brother, Jason, hates Paul with a passion and he had just left, so Allen did and then we did. So we went back to his place and messed around online till I went home.
Sunday – He picked me up bright and early to go back to Eugene. We had a good ride, he is so sweet and wonderful and loving... Oh, well. We played around in Eugene for a little bit before he had to get back for work, and he is coming next week. He is wonderful, and I am wholly undeserving of him. I think I will keep him! Life is good and I love it!
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