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Three missions accomplished in two days. I'm on a roll.

And according to Sarah, I have a talent. It's not my fault, I swear! I can't help it...but I actually do one thing with my myspace profile and get like three hits, including this one. haha:

[myspace boy]: so when we gonna watch this movie?
Amelialaine: haha. Umm...I'm gonna say it straight up that I'm not available. But as friends, maybe sometime
[myspace boy]: oh, ok then .. i thought it said you were single on your myspace site. haha. my bad.

so I've met my quota for this month. Can I have my toaster now? :)

Moving out on the 2nd and moving into new place on the 7th. Anyone have some extra floor space between then?

...oh, yeah, starting round numero deux (like my franglish?) of Vidaza that day too. eek!
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