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Thursday – last day of classes for me. All niter with Andy. Ate food, went ice skating, got drunk, made out with him. Officially not together at all, told him I would be anything but a booty call to him. Tried to have sex with me but I wouldn’t have it. Something calledself-respect...
Friday – get home. Suddenly very, very alone once Andy leaves. Didn’t even get a goodbye kiss. Called Suz. We hung out, went to a dumb movie, but then went to Little Dick’s with Jess and Mr. A and Randy. I love them!
Saturday – Hung out with Suz, who got her toe tattooed. It was fun, even though the tattooist was pretty shady. Then we hung out with Jess again and watched Triple X, the movie that Jess and I watched 3 times in four days over the summer. Went home sober, unfortunately. Saw Kelli @ Salvo’s.
Sunday – Went to church. Pastor Skye sure is amazing. He is dating the father of some kids that I hung out with back in the day, about 12 years ago. One of them, the one that I hung out with the most (Ben) looks like an older version of that cute little boy from “Step Mom”. He is precious; you just want to pet him. Had a sort of rite of passage lock-in with the adolescent girls from church at wonderful wonderful Donna’s house, the kick ass woman with attitude from church. Her husband brought over his shooting buddy, 22-year-old hottie Paul Leifer. I was insta-hooked and he gave me his number and told me he would be back in the morning. Little did I know…
Monday – Paul showed up at 11 and told me that we were going for a ride on his motorcycle. We went all the way to Powers on his bike. He is so cute. Total band nerd, but graduated my 8th grade year, so I never knew him. He was the one that all the stories were about the whole third bus thing in band. Wants to take me skydiving and is going to (tentatively) drive me back to Eugene so that he can go skydiving next weekend. Pretty shy boy. Way for me to come to Coos bay to find a decent and hot boy. Has potential…guess we will see tomorrow. I told him that I didn’t have a life here this week, and he was all, “well, since you don’t have a life here, wanna hang out tomorrow?” So, I guess I am seeing him tomorrow. Kinda nervous, but he is definitely a sweetie. Not a partier and doesn’t have any tats or piercings…and shoots things…gah! Went to karate tonight. It was good. It was wonderful to see everyone. And Jason is more ornery than ever. Talked to Andy online tonight. I think he was pissed that I wouldn’t have sex with him or something. I don’t care, not my deal. Oh, well, I have Paul…*mwa hahaha*
Tuesday – Spent the morning with my mom. Went out shopping. Went to karate. Went out with Paul. We went out to dinner and then we got some movies and watched “The Ring.” It was soooo creepy! He was so polite; he opened doors and paid for everything. I had freaked out about what to wear because I hadn’t anticipated meeting anyone dressing up for so I hadn’t brought any good clothes, so I ended up wearing my red chucks and black old navy pants, black tank top, and red button up shirt. He actually complimented my outfit, and I told him that I hadn’t anticipated meeting anyone worth dressing up for. The movie was so scary that he was like, “you seem kinda jumpy, wannna hold my hand?” And he didn’t try anything else, except that he walked me all the way to my door (up all the stairs and everything), and gave me a hug goodnight and kissed me on the cheek. I feel a little guilty because I haven’t hung out with Sean at all. I miss that boy! I guess he called last night again. I will just have to tell him that I am doing stuff tonight, and that I am hanging out with him tomorrow night. My mom gave me my grandpa’s old camera. It is a crazy old Argus with a few attachable lenses and it is so amazingly old. It is weird, it has his name on the inside of one of the components. I never knew my grandpa. So I am way excited to use it, go out and take old school photos. Maybe when I am in California on Friday…
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