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Sarah little_s42 came up yesterday, helped me pack up a bunch of stuff (thanks to Greg working at Wal-Mart, we got assloads of boxes), hung out, and then we headed to a Wobblies show in Corvallis (I devirginized her of their fabulousness!) So, without further adieu,

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first band, The Perverts. Pretty sweet, never heard them before (or if I did, I don't remember)

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Sarah sitting between bands

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me and Freshman Sam!

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There's a girl at the bottom of the cup, I swear. See that green? No, it's not just a floater.

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Formerly Alex Adequit (but the Adequits...quit!) and me, rockin' out to the Wobblies.

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Charlie, the bassist

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Arr Oh Bee (no really, his name is ROB), Jess, and Sam rockin' out

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AJ looking straight at me while I take a pic and I almost got knocked right into him from everyone dancing around me

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Ty and some guy that got in the way when I was taking the pic

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the band...kind of

haha. I'm becoming such a photo whore. This is what digi does to you.

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The girls - Andrea, Jeanne, me, Sarah, and Suz at the A squared (mine and Andrea's)21st birthday party.

Man, I smell like beer and sweat. So gross. That, and we've decided that we hate Butt Moshers - the stupid-ass people who lead in a mosh pit with their ass - especially when they're huge.

All in all, a kick-ass show and a lovely time hanging out with my soon-to-be-roommate!

PS: Eek! My parents' ancient mini weiner dog fell down the stairs and broke his little back foot! And has to wear a cast! Isn't that awful/precious?
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