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A few of us (me, Suz speshope, Lindsey fishnoise, Kristy orangehope and Murray kelaar) went Tango dancing on Friday night. It was intoxicating, addicting, amazingly fun (I started swing dancing when I was in middle school, about the same time that I started playing in Lab Band, which was a middle- and high school aged travelling big band - and back in the day when it was Sarah little_s42, Meghan, Heather and I, we used to watch "Swing Kids" on slo-mo and learn all the moves. Therefor, I've been swing dancing for 6-7 years).

Thus, tangoing was...well, it was fucking awesome and I plan on going back. Lesson was fun and then I danced with a few different partners - including a 16 yr old boy who considered it a perk of going to tango dancing that "you meet pretty girls." I don't think I've been a "girl" for a few years now. haha. All in all, a very good time.

And if I were any more domestic yesterday, then Martha Stewart would have competition.

And last night I had a scary dream that involved OMB director Todd Asshole. And actually playing and performing. And bursting into tears because I had let him down. WTF??? He is moving to Texas and still gets me worked up. I hate that man. Not because he's an asshole, but because he has absolutely no couth whatsoever.

But something is telling me to start playing again. I keep telling my brain that I've lost my chops, but it won't listen. Stupid brain.

Oh yeah.

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