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You better buy yourself a new blade when you get to Coos Bay

Check out my new layout, courtesy of potterpuff_fans, and more importantly, potterpuffs.

Hauser House was freaking awesome. Music (Silverhawk!) and dancing and good friends and a crazy drunk. I seriously think Hauser House aka Danny's House is one of my favorite places ever.

Andy is moving to Portland.

Last but certainly not least, pix from Sam and Amanda's wedding!!

The groom and his two groomsmen
Image hosted by

The flowergirl
Image hosted by

Jeanne was a bridesmaid!
Image hosted by

The ringbearer and the flowergirl
Image hosted by

Amanda's grandfather walked her down the aisle
Image hosted by

the bridesmaides, Angela and Jeanne
Image hosted by

the newlyweds
Image hosted by

Candid - wife Amanda and the nameless ringbearer
Image hosted by

me and the girls
Image hosted by for good measure, messing around with the digital camera that Kym GAVE ME.
Image hosted by
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