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The Coos

Yesterday = extremely emotionally taxing. I had a mental workout.

Last night = hanging out with my woman Sarah little_s42. On our way to Jimmy's (the only dance club in town), Sarah got pulled over by the PoPo while she was parking. Apparently correct parking is frowned upon in The Coos.

Then who should we run into, but Evan Merz and the infamous Jeremiah? The girls and I ran into Evan and Aaron Beck a few weeks ago, and he was totally buzzed talking to me. He found me on Myspace apparently and messaged me something like "I know I saw you at Goonies, and I know we talked, but I don't remember what we were talking about. How are you?..." haha. So Jeremiah (he's big on the music scene in coos bay, which isn't as good as say, Corvallis' music scene, but what ever), who is friends with the Justins and Paul that I hung out with a few years ago (Jeremiah actually said he was wondering the other day how I am! He remembers me! And is totally into Sarah!)...

the whole point of this is that Jeremiah invited us to Hauser house for tonight. OMG Hauser House again! Like back in the day!
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