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So this whole Bush's ultimatum thing? I am so scared. I watched his speach yesterday with sarah, ashli, and her twin erin, and their friend brittany. The whole time we were just sitting there speechless. I was typing online to my mom what he had said. It was basically a whole bunch of propaganda and being on the brin of war scares me. I have gone this long without a real war, or at least having to worry about one. The whole desert storm thing, I don't even really remember, well some of it, but it didn't worry the mind of a seven yewar old the way it bothers a 19 year old. It scares me that Coos Bay has the biggest port between Seattle and San Franscisco and that the town could easily be invaded. I mean, Coos Bay is a small city, granted, but at the same time, it is a very acessible port to send weapons and even viral infections through the water. I have a cousin in Kuwait.

Speaking of knowing people in foreign countries, I got an email the other day from Curtis, who is in Korea. He is getting married to a beautiful Phillipino girl. He told me that he really did love me and that he hopes that I can find someone to settle down with who doesn't smoke pot. I am really happy for him. He will finally have the wedding that he wanted. And to think that I almost married him...

And this whole nile fever thing? that has to go as well.

spending a lot of time with andy. can't decide whether or not it is good or bad. On Sunday, we hiked up spencer's butte and then went to the wild oats gorcery store and bought an entirely organic/vegan spaghetti dinner, cooked it together, and then watched Moulin Rouge. You know, I never noticed till now the intricate details that absynthe took a part of in the movie. If you pay attention to what is actually green and lit green, it is really creepy!

Studying for finals is a bitch. I hate my finals. I just want them to be over with. So I can have a Kevin Smith Movie Marathon with Andy and be home on friday with my mommy and my kitty and sean and all my wonderful wonderful women, I just want to hug them and squeez them and love them *blink* forever!!!!! (Anyone ever watch animaniacs? Or am I just the maniac part? At least I give credit where it is due).
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