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Beware, Spoilers ahead

HBP - a third of the way through and even though I already know most of the spoilers (I begged Nish, Ponkie, and Christina to tell me everything), must I say: Holy Shipping Mackerals! Is JKR afraid of dying a horrible, stalked death if she didn't give into her shiptastic fans? Siriusly, though...If I had a dollar for each of the 'ships (or ALMOST ships) in the book, I'd be a rich little girl.

This weekend has gone by far too fast. Beginning only to just appreciate what I have here, and it's quite a pity that I have a job and cancer, or else I'd spend considerably more time in the coos.

I'm definitely beginning to appreciate the "extended family" that I have here, and even though it doesn't seem significant, it definitely is to me. I guess it's the priorities, right? But...I guess I've had a revelation the last few days about family and friends. That just because you don't spend every waking moment with someone doesn't mean you don't care for them any less. I guess I've been grappling with that a lot lately, not just with being here, but just in general.

And then I think, "damnit woman, get some real priorities," and then I tell myself that I'm prioritizing in a way that I can comprehend, something that's sensible to me in a time/space plot short term enough that I can see the end and long term enough to live for something. I wonder if any of that made's all about perspective, I think, because who knows if/where I will live in 3 months? 6 months? ...It made sense to me.

I'll stop babbling, I've been up for far too long and it's not even 11 am.
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